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Britches & Bows is owned and operated by Johnna O'Quinn. Following her years of employment within the healthcare field, Johnna came to a cross roads of deciding to either continue education and pursuing a career in nursing or choosing an alternative path. When the opportunity came along, she choose to open a small business in Downtown Jesup, Georgia without hesitation. Initially, Britches & Bows was suppose to be nothing more than a clothing boutique catering to babies through tweens. However, Wayne County was full of business opportunities and she took advantage of those opportunities. Providing additional products and merchandise, as well as services that were being requested by her customers. Today, Britches & Bow provides apparel for babies through adult in both genders, camouflage and hunting accessories, jewelry, personalized and customized products, stationary and endless gift giving products. In addition, Britches & Bows offers services such as free gift wrapping, layaway, airbrush spray tanning and host special events. Thus far, Britches & Bow is most  proud of their Angel Tree Program and can't think Wayne County enough for their participation. It is Johnna's mission, as long as the doors of Britches & Bows is open, she will continue to give back to her community. #WayneCountyProud

Meet The Team

Johnna O'Quinn: Wife. Mom. Boss. That pretty much sums Johnna up. She spent part of her adolescence in a little town named Middlesboro, Ky.  A town so little, it makes Jesup look huge. The majority of her adolescence, however, was spent in Elkhart, In. Johnna is currently married to life long resident of Odum, Craig O'Quinn. Together, they have a daughter, Zoey, and a son, Lincoln. 

Addie Elliott: The original B&B Baby! Addie was Johnna's very first employee. While in the WCHS Work Base Learning Program, she was employed at the B&B even before the doors opened for business. Some might say, Johnna and Addie have a special bond due to the sentimental role that Addie will always have. Addie is currently off at college for  second year but continues to work when she's home. You can find her at the store just in time for the holiday season.

Josie Brown: I once heard nursing was 10% a decision and 90% a calling. I've always believed that but meeting Josie put the saying into perspective. With a heart so pure and genuine it's no wonder she's currently pursuing her dream of one day becoming a nurse. We are so grateful to have Wayne County native, Josie Brown on our team. It's hard to think about the time that is to come.....selling merchandise at the B&B one day then getting paid to stick people with sharp objects the next.